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STEP’s Collaboration with YES

"This tour did change my idea about what I want from a career. I would like to work in a company that is focusing not only on raising money but bettering the world through their work."

— Christina P. (STEP Student)

“STEP is a fun way to take your future seriously!”

— STEP Student (Class of 2013)

“I met a lot of people who have left an impact on me that I’m not going to forget.”

— STEP Student (Class of 2013)

“…my interviewers were so impressed with all the preparation that I had put into my responses, that I was offered the position, then and there! you’d be surprised at how far STEP can bring you.”

— STEP Student (Class of 2014)

“Yes, I would tell any student to do STEP. It is an excellent way to really learn and see what is out there, and what we need to work on to get there.”

— STEP Student (Class of 2013)

“The most important thing I've learned has been to remain open-minded and be willing to try anything, because you never know where it will lead.”

— STEP Student (Class of 2013)

STEP is about giving students the inspiration to find their purpose and passion…

STEP’s goal is to offer a broader range of Boston high school students the opportunity to explore career opportunities through our inspirational program. We have found a way to make this happen by collaborating with Youth Enrichment Services,

As a Boston based non-profit with years of experience working with inner city youth, YES draws students from every corner of the city. Adding value to the YES Career Exploration Program, STEP can continue to offer students a peek into the working world, allowing them to make informed college/career decisions. Stay tuned as the 2014 – 2015 season progresses…

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